Act of Aging

“Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.”

David Bowie

Photo by Paolo Bendandi on Unsplash

Act of Aging is a blog about … the act of aging. It’s not about aging as comedy, or as tragedy. It’s just an exploration of some of the aspects of aging, what it looks like at mid-life, and what it means – if it means anything. I hope you enjoy the blog posts!

Here are some recent posts:

Jane Fonda and aging: a TED talk on “Life’s Third Act”

Jane Fonda has re-invented herself, and her career, multiple times. Actor, fitness guru, activist … and she’s not done yet. In this TED Talk, she talks about the extra 30 years that have been added to our life expectancy, with insights and suggestions on how we can make the most of them.

Ready to retire?

Some of us start dreaming of retirement in our 40s, while others want to keep on working until the end. There are pros and cons to either approach, of course. We all know the stories about people who died shortly after retiring, never having the chance to enjoy their retirement. And we’ve heard the storiesContinue reading “Ready to retire?”

When your knees hurt

Do you still have your original knees? More than 70,000 Canadians had a knee replacement last year, according to the Canadian Institute for Health Information. The main reason? Osteoarthritis, or degenerative arthritis, which can cause significant pain and mobility issues. More than half of those who had a knee replaced were over the age ofContinue reading “When your knees hurt”

Fast forward

Why does time seem to speed up as we get older? The months and years seem to roll by, faster and faster. We just put the holiday ornaments away, and it’s time to pull them out again. Same with the summer clothes – even though the winter seems to drag on, day-to-day, with a snapContinue reading “Fast forward”

About me

I’m a Toronto-based communications professional at the mid-point of life – in my mid-fifties. I find I’m thinking about aging, what it means and how it affects us, a lot more now than I did 10, 20 or 30 years ago. The “Act of Aging” blog is a way to explore the topic of aging,Continue reading “About me”

Act of Aging

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